7" Survey: Nailbiter

Every edition of this season’s Long Winter, we’re releasing a free split seven-inch, each side featuring a song from one of the night’s featured artists. To compliment the releases, we’ve issued a seven-part questionnaire to each of the artists involved, giving the subjects an inch of space to answer each of our questions.

Josh Korody’s had a busy year. When he wasn’t producing and recording releases by artists like Dilly Dally and Fresh Snow at Candle Recording, gigging in support of WISH’s 2014 self-titled debut, or subbing in on drums with Vallens and Moon King, he and Jesse Crowe unveiled the sophomore follow-up to their 2013 debut as Beliefs in November, and he still found time to pump out Format, his first electronic record working under the solo moniker Nailbiter. Grab a copy of our December seven-inch this Saturday (Dec. 12) for an as-of-yet unreleased Nailbiter track and another from New Chance, and check out our seven-inch survey with Nailbiter himself to get caught up to speed.

Long Winter: Who are you and how did Nailbiter come together?

Josh Korody: I'm Josh Korody. I make music and I help others make music. Nailbiter came about from wanting to explore beyond what became my more common surroundings in music.

How about “Sworm” – what inspired that?

Playing live, and the frantic feel of it probably also came from only having a half an hour to record it, one shot in my friend Jeff’s studio in Brooklyn.

For lots of listeners, this will be their first point of access to your music. Where does this song fit into the rest of your catalog?

I'm excited because I think it represents what I’m doing right at this moment, especially live. 

Once they’re turned on to this, what releases (songs, EPs, albums, or otherwise) should people pursue as logical next steps to getting to know your music?

My first record just came out digitally on Hand Drawn Dracula but I plan to release an EP in the new year as well as a few different collaborations/splits with other people in the city.

When you think of winter, what’s a memory that stands out for you?

When I was young I would be outside all the time in the snow and ice. Now I like using the opportunity to work and create; it’s harder to do that when it’s nice out.

How do you survive winters in Toronto? 

Movies, red wine, my girlfriend, and music. 

What are you most looking forward to for the Dec. 12 edition of Long Winter?

Egyptrixx, Petra Glynt, and anything Heretical Objects does – I love them so much. I love these nights – there’s so much to check out.

By: Tom Beedham