7" Survey: Teenanger

Every edition of this season’s Long Winter, the first 350 guests through the doors at The Great Hall will receive a free split seven-inch from Scion Sessions, each side featuring a song from one of the night’s featured artists. To compliment the releases, we’ll issue a seven-part questionnaire to each of the artists involved, giving the subjects an inch (about 85 words) of space to answer each of our questions.


The February instalment of the Scion Sessions Split 7” Series features a track each from HSY and Teenanger. In this collectively answered questionnaire with Teenanger, the band teases a new EP and tosses around some potential names for the release. Read the full questionnaire below.

Long Winter: Who are you and how did Teenanger come together?

Teenanger: We are Teenanger. We came together like Voltron.

LW: How about “Agoraphobia” – what inspired that?

T: It's inspired by Chris [Swimmings, vocals]'s bout with the disease which only lasted a day and wasn't really a disease at all but a curious case of a toxic brownie.

LW: For lots of listeners, this will be their first point of access to Teenanger’s music. Where does this song fit into the rest of your catalogue? 

T: It's a gateway to the future. Like in Quantum Leap where the dude knows he's travelling to a different point in time but doesn't quite know where that will be.

LW: Once they’re turned on to this, what releases (songs, EPs, albums, or otherwise) should people pursue as logical next steps? 

T: Logically, people should work backwards, starting with our last two LPs, Singles Don't $ell and Frights. They might also want to keep their eyes peeled for a new EP we are recording right now. No title yet, but we're toying with "Mona Lisa's Arsehole" or "Balls of Steel."

LW: When you think of winter, what’s a memory that stands out for you?

T: Staying in a cabin with no heat in the dead of winter filming our video for "Cops But Not" and all lying on a frozen lake. Best coldest night ever.

LW: How do you survive winters in Toronto?

T: Ganja, records, films, playing squash and staying in bed.

LW: What are you looking forward to for the February edition of Long Winter?

T: Steve [Sidoli, drums] really enjoys being warm and cozy when he plays drums. A show like this in the dead of winter allows him to flaunt one of his famous wool sweaters and leave people in the crowd wondering how he is not a giant perspiration pool.

Interview by Tom Beedham